Slim in a Saree

Secrets to Look Slim in a Saree

Look Slim in a Saree – Saree is undoubtedly the best clothing which provides the best attire to every woman regardless of her age and shape. There are so many fabrics and patterns used to make a Saree and not all Sarees look best on everyone, or we can say not everyone looks Slim in Saree. Many Ladies told us about one common problem which they face after draping a Saree. Some Saree makes woman look fat. Do u know you can drape a Saree in various ways! And if you select right fabric or printing pattern, you can look amazing! Even with Right Draping Style and Fabric, you can hide your extra pounds and look slimmer than your actual body size. So if you are concerned about how to wear a saree or saree draping styles to look slim in saree, this write up on tips to look slim in a saree is just for you.


Here we are sharing few secrets that can make you Look Slim in Saree :


• Its very vital to select correct fabric for your body type. Light Fabric is best for healthy women. Go for Silk, Chiffon, Crepe like light weight fabric. These materials are body hugging and help you to look thin.
• Try to avoid Cotton sarees as it add volume to your body. But if cotton is something you like very much, then go for lighter cotton fabric or try some Silk Cotton Saree.
• Big Prints are not for you.. certainly, Go for lighter & smaller prints. Simple prints can make you look sleek.
• Saree without Border or with a Narrow Border can help you to look Slimmer & Stylish.
• Drape the Saree in proper & neat manner, so its doesn’t look messy . A proper draping style can make you look slim and classy.
• If you have belly fat, then don’t pleat the Pallu, let it fall. You will look stylish and also your belly fat will be covered.
• While draping any heavy fabric occasionally, strictly avoid making too many pleats.
• If you are plus size, then glossy material is not for you. Try Dark Shades or monochromatic colors like Black, Purple, Dark Green, Chocolate etc and you can see the difference. Lighter shades can make your body curves more prominent and you look fat.

So follow the above mentioned tips and share with your friends who are wondering how to wear a saree or saree draping styles to look slim in saree.

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Slim in a Saree

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