baluchari swarnachari price in bishnupur

Swarnachari And Baluchari Saree from Bishnupur

baluchari price in bishnupur

Swarnachari And Baluchari Saree from Bishnupur

Swarnachari And Baluchari Saree from Bishnupur reach it’s famous art throughout the world.  The Sournachari And Baluchari silk saree has always been associated with the Bengali nobility. Historically, the Baluchari dates back to two centuries ago during the reign of Nawab Mushidquali Khan who was the Nawab of Bengal in the 18th century and a great support of art and craftsmanship. However, during the time of British occupation in India, the British felt threatened from the unique handicrafts of Bengal and hence, they forced the artisans to give up and switch their craft, due to which the handloom weavers suffered a lot of loss with the craft being risked to getting ruined. However, the craft of Baluchari silk or Swarnachari saree with price weaving was revived by Subho Thakur who inspired master weaver Akshay Kumar Das to master the craft and bring it back to life.

Bishnupuri Baluchari Pure Silk Sari Online

Swarnachari And Baluchari is an ancient weaving craft that has been around since the time of the Mallas. Mallas made Bishnupur their capital. The Mallas were great patrons of handicraft, art, and culture. Therefore this gave birth to the Baluchari and Swarnachari which are two distinctive varieties of sarees from this Bengali region. Sarees are synonymous to aristocracy and high status in Bengal.


The Swarnachari And Baluchari Silk saree has thread incorporated in the weave which gives its characteristic rich sheen. Baluchari Sarees are decorated with Resham threads, whereas Swarnachari sarees are weaved with Golden or Silver zari. The sarees are usually made of Pure silk. It features intricate designs, making it a popular choice among brides and fashionistas. These are obviously traditional and represent our culture but they are subject to change and have evolved significantly. Despite this difference, both are similar in weaving, design and conception.

Swarnachari Saree Online

Swarnachari And Baluchari saree designs can really make you look Royal and Sensuous at the same time. The Swarnachari And Baluchari Silk with price from Bishnupur are famous worldwide. Because of the intricate patterns and figurines that are created on the saree that relate entire mythological story altogether. Mythological stories taken from the walls of temples and woven on Baluchari Sarees, is a common feature in Bishnupur.

Characteristics :

Swarnachari And Baluchari silk sarees are with price highly, and having the most elaborate artwork in Resham or Zari threads across the body and pallu. Alternative threads used often to highlight the figures or motifs which is called Minakari Work. Usually the borders of these sarees depict tales of Mahabharatha, Ramayan or other stories. The field has beautiful, intricate motifs of flowers or leaves. Originally woven in the Bankura district of West Bengal.

The weaving :

These are rich silk sarees characterized by intricate and rich weaving in the pallu and borders, depicting stories from epics, historical and religious texts. The entire process, from rearing swarnachari silkworms, to spinning and dyeing the yarn, and then designing and weaving sarees, is done locally. Creating intricate designs for the border, butis and pallus of Baluchari sarees is an elaborate process. Making of the motifs for pallu/anchal and other part of Baluchari is in itself an intricate process. The design is drawn on a graph paper, it is colored and punching is done using cards. After jacquard loom has been introduced, weaving of a Regular Baluchari saree takes five to six days to get completed.  To make the yarn soft, it is boiled in a solution of soda and soap and then dyed in acid colour, according to the requirement of the saree. The yarn is stretched from both the sides in opposite directions putting some force with both palms. This process is needed to make the yarn crisper.

Finally when the weaving is completed, The saree itself bears a traditional and elegant look which makes an everlasting and eye pleasing experience to the saree enthusiasts.

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