Pattachitra – Folk Art From Bengal and Odisha

In Bengal Pattachitra Art paintings are done with the inspiration from famous patachitra painter, Jamini Roy. The painting pattern is so detailed that one would be attracted by it whenever sees. The fabric we provide is certified by the Silk mark Authority of India. So we can assure that our products are genuine. Most importantly we try to fulfill the demand of the clients and we are proud enough that we have reached the place where people give feedback on our products after using that. As well as Patachitra paintings we also do acid paint, block print on our sarees. We also try to create some unusual designs that have never seen before. To be familiar with our handloom products browse

What is Pattachitra Art !

Pattachitra is one of the ancient artwork that is known for its intricate details as well as mythological narratives and folktales inscribed in it. “Patta” literally means “cloth” and Pattachitra – Folk Art From Bengal and Odisha means “picture”. Patachitra is famous for its excellent play of color.

This type of hand painting has taken a great place in the mind of women. Use of different colors on plain clothes, creates an unbelievable artistic look of the saree.

Art and craft has always helped a region gain recognition. Traditional art forms have highlighted the significance of a place.

Bengal Patachitra painting has a different type of motifs and aspects which unrolled the Bengali culture. Using the mythological epic and natural color are  the individual characteristics of the Bengal Patachitra.

To fascinate the saree lovers pattachitra art sarees have never failed. To maintain status and fashion at the same time, women choose these types of sarees that has took place in an international level. To get uniqueness from the rests, nowadays women always search for something new. And there is no monotonousness in this type of paintings. Artisans always try to differentiate between the new one from the previous.

Pattachitra Art Painting

It is really a matter to wonder that how the painters use natural things to decorate the overall paintings. Besides that the sense of using colors is also adorable.

The men and the women of the house have an equal contribution towards the making of the painting. The women prepare the glue, canvas and the colors for the painting. The men draw the initial lines and give the finishing touch to the painting. Pattachitra art paintings have intricate designs and are drawn with such fineness that the images can be seen clearly even from a distance. The artists put in several productive hours to create these beautiful paintings. The process of making these paintings requires a lot of patience and skill.

Prior to the painting, the canvas is prepared. The canvas is usually cotton/silk cloth. The surface of the canvas is coated with a mixture of chalk and gum. The gum that is used here is extracted from the tamarind seeds. After the coating dries up, the surface of the canvas becomes leathery in texture and then the Chitrakara begins with his work. He first draws the border designs and then moves on to the actual theme. The most common themes are taken from the Jagannath and the Vaishnava sect. The paintings depict the scenes from mythological stories about Lord Jagannath and Lord Krishna. After the initial outlines are drawn, the colors are filled in. Bright colors such as red, yellow, indigo, black and white are used. The colors are prepared from natural sources like vegetables and minerals.

The Chitrakara uses paint brushes that are made from the hairs of domestic animals. The hairs are held in a bunch and are tied to one end of a bamboo stick. The size of the brush depends on how much amount of hair is used. An interesting fact to note here is that almost every article required for the painting comes from natural sources. The final outlines are drawn and the paintings are ready. One last step involved is the application of lacquer on the surface of the painting and exposing the back side of the painting to the fire. This gives the painting a glossy appearance. In such way the overall painting becomes a piece of attraction and love.

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