Kalamkari Tussar Silk Saree – Silk Mark Certified

Original price was: ₹ 7,245.Current price is: ₹ 5,670. "incl GST"

  • Saree Fabric : Tussar Silk
  • Pattern : Kalamkari Hand Paint
  • Saree With Blouse Piece
  • Care Instructions: Dry clean only

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Kalamkari Tussar Silk Saree
Kalamkari Tussar Silk Saree - Silk Mark Certified  7,245 Original price was: ₹ 7,245. 5,670Current price is: ₹ 5,670. "incl GST"

Step into a world of refined elegance with our Zari Border Handloom Tussar Silk Saree adorned with exquisite Kalamkari Tussar Silk Saree. Crafted with precision by skilled artisans, this saree seamlessly blends the richness of handloom Tussar silk with the timeless allure of Kalamkari artistry. The fine zari border adds a touch of opulence, enhancing the overall sophistication of this masterpiece.

The luxurious Tussar silk fabric drapes effortlessly, offering a combination of comfort and grace. The handwoven zari border showcases intricate craftsmanship, elevating the saree’s appeal to new heights. The Kalamkari painting, inspired by mythological tales and traditional motifs, graces the fabric with captivating scenes and patterns. Each stroke narrates a story, creating a visual symphony that is both cultural and contemporary.

Whether attending a celebration or a formal gathering, this Kalamkari Tussar Silk Saree is a statement of refined taste and cultural appreciation. Embrace the fusion of tradition and modernity, standing out with a unique ensemble that pays homage to India’s rich artistic heritage. Elevate your style quotient and celebrate the art of storytelling with this stunning creation – a perfect embodiment of timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

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