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Silk Mark Certified

Online Naksha is a member of SMOI (Silk mark organisation of India). Silk Mark is a certification in India for silk textiles. This certifies that the piece of textile is made of pure natural silk. The certification is managed by the 'Silk Mark Organisation of India', a society set up by the state-controlled Central Silk Board of India.

Kantha Saree

Kantha Stitch Pride of Bengal

Kantha Stitch, one of the oldest forms of embroidery, has found a new lease of life and a spike in demand on a national level. We are thankful to our talented artisans, who have tried to their best to reach it to an creative level. These stitches have been traditionally famous due to the intricacy and detailed thread works.

red baluchari

Baluchari - The Weaving Wonder

Swarnachari And Baluchari Saree from Bishnupur reach it’s famous art throughout the world. The Swarnachari And Baluchari Silk saree has thread incorporated in the weave which gives its characteristic rich sheen. Baluchari Sarees are decorated with Resham threads, whereas Swarnachari sarees are weaved with Golden or Silver zari.

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