Silk is finest fabric

Silk is finest fabric in the World


Silk is finest fabric and known as the queen of all fabric with its tremendous characteristics like glamour and comfort. In India, the weaving of Silk (The softest fabric) mainly revolves around the saree, the traditional ethnic south Asian wear. The Shine with Softness is the key feature of this fabric. The eye catching vibrant colors, shine & softness made Silk Sarees the dearest companion of Indian women. Not only in India, even all over the world, products and sarees are famous because of its weaves and patterns.Silk is finest fabricSilk is a protein fiber, produced by silkworm by spinning around its cocoon. The farmers let the caterpillars (that make the largest cocoons), to turn into moths. Then the moths laid eggs and the eggs hatched out more caterpillars to make even bigger cocoon. This cocoon s are then collected and boiled in water and the threads start to come out from the cocoon. At least half a mile of continuous thread may come from a cocoon. Then the silk threads are dipped in various colors from preparing colorful silk threads. The weavers use these finest fabric threads to make silk sarees.Apart from Saree, a wide range of ladies and men’s wear like salwar, dupatta, sherwani, dhoti, shawl, pagdi etc; and even home décor like cushions, table-cloth, curtains are made from this fabric. To describe in one word, The finest fabric has been deeply mixed up with the culture of India, or rather we can say the world. And for it’s so many characteristics Silk is the most luxurious and  finest fabric. 
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