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Batik – simple yet extra ordinary traditional craft.

It is always high in demand due to their unique art work. Traditionally Batik Print Designs use to make handicraft products. But now it widely using art in fashion industry. Saree is an integral attire in India. However westernization happen in our choices. But Indian women across the globe loves with Batik Painting Sarees.

Festivals, interviews, functions, weddings, every special event calls for a sari! Batik Sarees are paint with traditional painting method with dye and wax. Batik Prints are eye catching for their unique pattern. It is considered as one of the oldest and simplest art.

Batik Designs – an old art from Java, Indonesia. It named after Javanese word “amba” and “titk”. Amba means Writing and Titik means Dots. It is basically a technique of dying cloths while separating some portions with was so that that portions doesn’t absorb color. Subsequently, this creates a crack or marbled effect on the fabric.

This extra ordinary pattern has already gain popularity in International Contemporary Fashion industry. Now this art is not only used in clothing. But also in other accessories such as hand bags.  Airlines like Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines using Batik Print in their uniform. Above all, many high profile celebrities proudly walked on red carpet wearing bathik. Like Barack Obama, Beyoncé Knowles, Jessica Alba, Bill Gates. Apart from these many international celebrities was seen wearing batik dresses. Like Angelina Jolie, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton etc.

Online Naksha Presents Latest Pure Silk Batik Print Saree. Moreover, our Sarees are woven of pure silk fabric and comes with Silk Mark. Silk Mark stands for proof of authenticity of Silk. However, these are awesome collections to offer you stunning look. Take up a significant look wherever you go. Select any of our traditional yet modern Batik Saree.