Batik Saree


Why Women Prefer Batik Sarees!

Batik Saree offers decent look for woman.  Nowadays women or fashionists take sarees as a style statement or for one time.  The word batik is Javanese in origin.  Batik literally means ‘wax writing. A method  of producing colored designs on textiles by dyeing them. Having first applied wax to remaining undyed part.

Batik is One of the oldest forms of printing. Similarly It undergone a fashion makeover with designers vouching for its timeless beauty.  Nowadays Batik is popular all over the World as well as India.

Procedure : Batik print is an intricate art done by hands with very simple tools. Basically It is a technique of wax-resisting dye applied to designs which are drawn on the fabric. The applied wax resists dyes and therefore allows artisan to color selectively by soaking the cloth in one or multiple colors. Then removes the wax by boiling water. A variety of cultures provides inspiration and influence this traditional workmanship.   Allover crack batiks also look very attractive.  As well as Batik  we try to fulfill attires of customers who requires for Hand paint Sarees of different types.

So we would like to  showcase some of the most popular Indian prints that have found much love across the world.

Batik Sarees As Heritage :

As the representative of our precious heritage, Batik takes important place. Since our country has always been associated with rich weaves, and unique textiles, our love for colours and prints is legendary. Most importantly With talented craftsmen from every part of the country pouring out their imagination on cloth. We have hundreds and thousands of prints to choose from. Various forms like floral, animal prints or abstracts decorates the saree. our artists and craftsmen emphasis on to produce something new every time they put their thinking caps on.

Transforming batik into modern fashion pieces, is the another goal to grow interest of people on batik.  Long days ago batik paints got discovered and since then it had taken great place in the mind of fashion lovers. The patterns the use of colors and also the sense of using colors has been modified with maintaining balance with the day by day growing fashion. As per trendy choice of urban women, painters give importance on, how to modify the older designs into charming and fashionable. No one can deny that older forms were also fashionable but as the designs got familiar too much with the people so it was needed some modifications.

To maintain balance with ongoing fashion, women search for uniqueness and trend. And to fulfil their demand we, the members of Online Naksha always try to discover something newer than the previous. Highlighting on the modern fashion we take care about the demand of the clients as well as fashion lovers.

Besides that the modified designs has also become popular as much as one can imagine. After all the uniqueness found in the modern designs is adorable.

Latest Uncommon Paints On Batik :

Many of the patterns you see in batik today, Still possess symbolic meaning to the wearer to bring about wealth, happiness, peace, or prosperity. With aspirations to take ethnic fashion and indian sarees to the world stage, Online Naksha flies high with it’s mission of housing world’s largest online collection of Indian Sarees.  




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