Kantha Stitch – Pride of Bengal

Kantha Stitch Embroidery – Pride of Bengal, most importantly the pattern of stitch simple yet gorgeous make the women pleased.

Kantha Stitch, one of the oldest forms of embroidery, has found a new lease of life and a spike in demand on a national level. We are thankful to the industrious and talented weavers, who have tried to their best to reach it to an amazing level.

What is Kantha Stitch Embroidery ?

Kantha stitch embroidery nowadays has become an artistic representation from Bengal. It has gained popularity over the World. The intricacy of weaving and the thoughts of adorning a plain cloth with threads is not only an art but also the place to express the hidden talent of the weavers. This type of creativity is adorable because it is completely done with industrious  mentality of the rural women.

The most significant aspect of kantha stitch embroidery is the running stitch pattern that accentuates the various motifs. In some cases, the entire cloth is covered by running stitches, employing beautiful motifs of flowers, animals, birds and geometrical shapes as well as themes from everyday activities.

Urban women are too much loved with the latest modified designs of kantha that helps them to personalize their look in the crowd.

Even as a party wear as well as occasional wear these are the trendy cum fashionable choice at the same time. Besides that it helps to bring uniqueness from the rests. Similarly the gorgeousness also attracts who looks for fashion and trend.

The tradition of kantha begins with the thrift of Bengali women. The technique is indigenous to West Bengal and continues to be the principal textile art in the region. This hand embroidery helped the rural women to be self-dependent economically, and they discovered how to decorate a plain saree with stitches.

Most importantly women are nowadays too much interested to maintain their status by any means, such as dressing, fashion etc. They look for uniqueness and tries to make her unique from the rests. So the demand of kantha is growing day by day, as there is always something new in kantha  hand embroidery .

These stitches have been traditionally famous due to the intricacy and detailed thread works. The contemporary kantha and reverse kantha are the centre of attraction of women. And some exceptional designs nowadays has taken adorable place in the wardrobe of modern women.

We the manufacturer of Bengal Kantha as well as Handloom Pure Silk Sarees, always try to fulfill the demand of clients. Mainly we use Bangalore Pure Silk to make kantha stitch. We offer sarees with remarkable texture. The products we offer is woven of the fabric of silk that is Certified by the  Silk Mark Authority Of India. We try to make something different from the previous and effort on discovering new ideas to modify the designs.

Apart form of traditional kantha, this white kantha is a fine piece for selection. Threads of multi colors enhance its soberness. Use of colourful motifs on it looks very pretty. Even in your corporate meetings you can drape it to look stylish and aristocrat.

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