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How saree blouse plays a vital role in your traditional attire in 2021?

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How saree blouse plays a vital role in your traditional attire?

Draping style of a saree in India differs region to region, but three components remain same. These components are – a saree, a blouse and a petticoat. A blouse plays vital role in the overall appearance of your saree look. A designer blouse with good fabric and fitting ads charm to your saree, and is the perfect companion of your saree attire. At the same time an ill fitting blouse with bad cut can ruin entire grace of you and the saree of course. It’s very important to choose a saree blouse carefully. Blouse you select for a marriage function and blouse for work cannot be the same. You need to choose it very wisely depending on the saree pattern, and occasion. Now numerous designs of blouses for women, even blouses plus size is easily available online.

Certain important factors to keep in mind while selecting a blouse. Like the knowledge about ones bust size, shape of neck, shoulders, arms. A slim person can opt anything from sleeveless to full sleeves depending her neck and shoulder structure. But a fat person who is seeking blouses plus size should opt designer blouse backfor semi sleeves or full sleeves. Before selecting blouses for women one should have an idea about what fabric will go with particular saree or lehenga. Like a cotton blouse for work will go with a cotton saree but not a silk or chiffon saree. You should know which pattern will go with the saree. Like whether printed blouse will match the saree or embroidered blouse will look better. A printed blouse you can easily team up with a plain silk saree, but not with heavy hand embroidery saree.

If you like tailor made saree blouse then you should definitely select a good tailor first. Then decide the fabric and pattern – regular fitting blouse, embroidered blouse, kantha stitch blouse, printed blouse, silk blouse, cotton

blouse, hand painted blouse, khadi blouse, heavy brocade blouse, tant blouse, banarasi blouse, designer blouse and there are many more. Then select the design very wisely. Don’t select any design just because it’s trending. Trends will change. Pick a design because it will look great on you and give you a trendy look whenever you wear it.

Blouses can be designed in various ways from ethnic to stylish. It basically depends on the preference. A blouse with ethnic touch (frills in hands and neck) preferred by middle aged or even saree blouseyoung women in occasion like puja. Blouses inspired by bollywood designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi are tremendously loved by young ladies. A blouse can be cleverly used to incorporate a modern glamorous look. Experimenting with blouse neck design also creates different stylish look for any special occasion. Today’s woman loves to experiment with blouse designs and create a stylish and modern look. Even now a days women using designs like crop top, jacket blouse, longer blouse and many more patterns to get a contemporary look.

* Here is an actual guidelines if you are taking measurements at home : *

  • It is always better to take help from someone else. Stand in front of the mirror so that you too can monitor the process.
  • Wear a good fitting cloth. Like if you are taking measurements for the saree blouse, then it is better to wear a saree blouse while filling in your size details.
  • Know your comfort level- some prefer loose fitted blouse for work while some prefer extremely tight ones or blouses plus size. Keep a margin so that it can be altered later depending on requirement.

Here's a step-by-step method of taking apt measurements for saree clouse:


Firstly Starting from the top of your shoulder up to the end of blouse. Make sure that the measure tape falls completely straight.


Place the measuring tape at the top of the shoulder in line with your armpit. The tape measure should feel snug but not tight.

3. Lower Bust:

Take this measurement just above the waist below the bust. This is the spot where your blouse will end.

4. Bust:

Place the measuring tape around the fullest part of the bust. Make sure the measuring tape is straight all the way around the chest and back. Measuring your chest correctly is of utmost importance because you wouldn’t want to feel choked on wearing your saree blouse.

5. Shoulders:

Keep your chest straight. The measure has to be taken from the back side of your neck, from one edge of the shoulder to another.

6. Neck Front:

This depends whether the neck design is narrow or broad. Start at the top of the shoulder at the neck point and draw the measuring tape diagonally to the center of your chest to the point where you want the neckline to end.

7. Neck Back:

Similarly It is to be taken on the opposite side. Start at the top of the shoulder at the neck point and draw the measuring tape diagonally, make a half V , to the center of your back and choose how much depth you want at the back.

8. Sleeve Length:

Start from the edge of your shoulder bone towards your arm. The length of your sleeves depends on two things- the design of the blouse for work and your personal preference.

9. Sleeve Width:

The point where you want your sleeves to end, take a measure of the fullest part of your bicep at that point. Its advised to Keep the tape slightly loose..

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