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Pure Banarasi Katan Silk Wedding Saree

 9,345 "incl GST"

  • Saree Fabric : Pure Silk
  • Pattern : Weaving
  • Handloom : YES
  • Silk Marked : YES
  • Saree With Blouse Piece
  • Care Instructions: Dry clean only
  • Item Weight :
  • Slight Irregularity in weaving¬† and color is unique characteristic of hand woven fabric or textile.
  • Geographical Indication : Product of Banaras
Pure Banarasi Katan Silk Wedding Saree
Pure Banarasi Katan Silk Wedding Saree  11,025  9,345 "incl GST"

Discover the epitome of elegance with our Silk Mark Certified Pure Banarasi Katan Silk Wedding Saree, a testament to the finest craftsmanship and authenticity. Each thread of this exquisite saree is a blend of tradition and quality, ensuring a luxurious feel against your skin. With Silk Mark certification, you can trust that you are adorning a genuine piece of art that meets the highest standards of purity.

Crafted with precision, the Katan Banarasi Silk Saree boasts a regal drape, complemented by intricate zari work and traditional motifs. The certification guarantees the authenticity of the silk, making it a perfect choice for discerning connoisseurs who appreciate the true essence of Banarasi weaving. The rich color palette and timeless design make it a versatile addition to your wardrobe, suitable for weddings, festivities, or special events.

Make a statement that reflects your commitment to quality and tradition with our Silk Mark Certified Pure Banarasi Katan Silk Wedding Saree. Embrace the unparalleled charm of genuine Banarasi silk, and let the Silk Mark certification be a symbol of your discerning taste and appreciation for authentic craftsmanship. Elevate your style with this saree that not only looks stunning but also carries the assurance of genuine quality.


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