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Kantha Stitch Sarees Online India or Kantha Work Saree, a popular style of embroidery on sarees that comes from West Bengal. These Nakshi Kantha Embroidery Silk Saree online are significant symbol that displays the skill and talent of the rural women in Bengal. Kantha is basically the running stitch. Though the stitch looks simple. But when it is done in a regular manner it looks really gorgeous.Kantha Embroidery

Traditionally this embroidery pattern is for quilts, dhotis and sarees. But over a period of time it has evolved and made its way right into the heart of Indian fashion. Nakshi Kantha work Sarees online india has been around for ages. And has been favorite among those who love taking fashion and style to levels beyond the ordinary.

Conventionally in Kantha Embroidery Silk Saree, the motifs used were of animals or birds. But now with modern-day designers, experiments in designs are also going on. One can see cave art, Egyptian murals, Hindu mythology and even pop art being illustrates through this fine stitch work. Depending on the pattern of embroidery Kantha Stitch Saree has various patterns. Like Bird/ Pakhi Kantha, Lotus/ Padma Kantha, Rose/ Golap Kantha, Nakshi Kantha, Sujni Kantha etc.

Kantha work has been around for centuries. And it still makes Indian fashion go around. It even make a place in the International Fashion Industry. With the current development in its technique and the different flavors of style that it brings to the table, Kantha Stitch Saree online has become a favorite form of embroidery work with designers across the globe.